Monday, December 2, 2013

Clinique Cleansing Balm

Salam Everyone!

For a moment, I keep thinking my skin will never get better.
That was due to the fact that, I did not clean it properly.
Living a hectic life, we all tend to forget to clean our faces properly.

Who would want to use a cleansing oil and triple cleanse nowadays, huh? Especially those with oily skin.
Some of those cleansing water left my skin really dry which causes more and more breakouts.

My Skin Demographic :

T-Zone : OILY
Cheek Area : Normal to Dry
Chin Area : Normal to Dry

I found this baby, "The Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm"

At first, using this is a nuisance. It did NOT come with any directions. (Sorry CLINIQUE)
Hence, I had to search for it.

Here are some useful directions for you :

Step 1 : Dig the balm from the tub. (Use your fingers, spatula)

Step 2 : Massage it into your skin for 30 seconds up to a minute or 2. (As you please)

Step 3 : Wet a dry sponge, and wipe of the excess dirt

Step 4 : Clean your sponge and Repeat Step 3 until all dirt is removed

Step 5 : Wash your face with warm water

TADA! You are all done!

My review on this Product :

Clinique Cleansing Balm with it's Best Friend(Dry Sponge)

Removes Eye Make Up : 4/5
Removes Facial Make Up : 4.5/5
Eye Irritation : No Eye irritation
Skin Irritation : No Skin Irritation
Current Price : RM120

At first, I was reluctant to use it. During my first try, I used only my fingers and warm water. Not the best thing to do. Traces of make up left my skin screaming for help.

But when I used the sponge! Now that is a different story. I repeated Step 3 for about 3-4 times. Guess what? I never thought that much make up clings on to my skin. Ugh!
Since I work at a Manufacturing Company, the only amount of time I could use to apply make up is at 6.30a.m. in the morning. Touch up with powder in the afternoon. I would only be able to go home at around 7p.m. Took off my make up at around 9p.m. So guess how long that is? I keep thinking that, make up would probably rub off by then, but it definitely did NOT!

This balm reacts to heat. It will change form from Balm to a Milky-Oily texture as you place it on to your face. I have been using it for the past 2 months, I still have more than 3/4 of the tub. A tub will probably last you 4-8 months. It is expensive but on the plus side, try dividing the price with months of usage.
Totally worth your money.

I will definitely repurchase once I finish this tub.

Hope you will this useful! Catch up with you later!!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Style 1 : Pinafore Dress

Salam Everybody!

Just want to share :
It doesn't matter if you are a Hijab Sister or not, we can look just as stylish as everyone else.
Be free to experiment! Have fun and feel good about yourself!

Adopt Japan Style for a more comfortable, less sexy but more too cute kind of style.

Hijab : Brand's Outlet Mufler/Scarf [MYR 50 FOR 3]
Long Sleeve : Uniqlo Turtle Neck [MYR20]
Pinnafore Coverall : Cotton On (Isla Pinafore Dress) [MYR89]
Skinny Jeans : Uniqlo [MYR50]

Paired with these BABIES! SKCH +3 in Black and White. 
They are awesomely comfy, fits exactly like my Roller Blade!

Make up : 
Foundation : Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hour full Coverage Foundation
Powder : Diorskin Forecer Extrem Control (Matter Powder)
Liner : Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Chocolate Shimmer
Lips : Urban Decar Lipstick in Liar
Cheeks : Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush in Charisma

Ofcourse you can opt for Drugstore Make Up :
Foundation : L'oreal
Powder : Rimmel Matter Perfect
Liner : Maybeline (Brown)
Lips : Revlon [Peach]
Cheeks : Canmake (Peach)

Note to Readers : Please don't pair skinny jeans with flipflops, they will look awful.
Find heels or sandals, they tend to elongate your legs and complete any outfit. Find flats with a lil bit of platform. I always find it "UGH" when I pair my skinnies with totally flat flats (which I can't use anymore due to cramps). 

Change up the look however you want it to. 

 Ofcourse, these are my opinion, you can do whatever you want to

Took me minutes to do my make up base. Took me a few more to complete such a simple look. 10 minutes to be exact.  
Why not groom yourself for the sake of yourself, right?

Have fun!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Early 2013 Empties!


I have quite a few empties this month. 
Maybe by writing an entry will help many readers cope with "Impulse Buying".
Do you have that problem?
I have that problem and it gets worse. 

Oh well, so here are my Early 2013 Empties!

The first 2 items are Perfumes I've had since 2008. 
The Vera Wang Princess and Burberry The Beat. 
Here are the links to the description of the perfumes.

Vera Wang Princess
On me, this scent won't last 3 hours unless I stay indoors. 

Burberry The Beat
This scent will last up to 6 hours without sweat. 

I miss my perfumes~ I love these!

Moving on =.="

Neutrogena Deep Clean Ultra Foam Cleanser (A mouth full to say)

I won't say this broke me out, I won't say it did not break me out. 
I've been using a mix of baby oil and olive oil to wipe my make up off, I added a little bit of this cleanser to the mixture. Works pretty well. 
Then I washed my whole face with this foaming cleanser.
I used this at night.
Once a day, that is all I need from this cleanser. 
Overall Rating : 5/10
I will not be repurchasing. 

Physiogel Hypoallergenic Cleanser

I've had this since, 10 months ago. My first thought was, "Eew! It feels so similar to something coming out of your nose." In actual, it mimics your skin layers. Let me warn you first, this cleanser is mild. 
It won't take off any make up. That's the main reason I use it in the morning which is to take off excess moisturizer or dusts on my face. But if you are facing a horrible break out, and you don't use any make up. This is really good. I don't recommend washing your face with this after you used an oil based make up remover.
For helping with break outs : I'd give it a 9/10
Removing Make up : 0/10

Hair Product Review (My Wholly Grail Products)

My Hair Type : Coarse/Dry
Hair Length : Long-Wavy
Hair Color : Dark Brown (natural)
Hair Exp : Has been Straightened/Curled/Colored (damaged)
Current : Trying to keep clear of coloring (6 months)

Seba Med Shampoo "Oily Hair Shampoo"

You name it I've tried alot of shampoos and conditioners. Have you ever had that problem whereby, after a few months, you'll find flakes on your scalp?
This particular shampoo worked well for me. I've been using it for a year or so. No Flakes! Hooray!
Hijab or not, as long as it keeps those ugly thing of me, I'll be forever loyal.

The verdict :
Clarifying : 8/10 (cleans oil and dirt)
Flakes away : 10/10 (No dandruff)
Drying : 6/10 (It does dry your hair)
Color Protect : 4/10 (hair color fades)
Wash Time : 2-3 Times a week
Price : RM18.90

Schwarzkopf Ultimate Repair Conditioner

I went for this conditioner due to the fact that my favourite L'oreal Herbal Conditioner's price has increased. During that period of time, it was around RM31.20. My main concern when I looked for conditioners are :

1. Does it weight my hair down?
2. Will it affect my scalp? (Dandruff)
3. Will it help repair my hair?
4. Price? Availability?

This conditioner does work on me. It gives my hair a little bit of a shine and keeps it less frizzy than it already is. Price (RM24.90) The Verdict :

Hair Repair : 7/10
Moisturizing : 8/10
Smell : 7/10 (Cocoa Butter)
Weights your hair down : No
Cause Dandruff : No
Availability : Selected drugstore (Watsons/Guardian/Caring) and Supermarket (Giant)

Currently still loving the above product. However, I would like to put a little disclaimer up. I am NOT sponsored by any of the above mentioned brands. They did NOT in anyway contacted me to do a review on their product. These products may work or may not work on you as each person has different textures of skin, hair etc. Just doing a review to help readers out there.

Hope you guys find this helpful! Take care! 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Inglot Cosmetics "Freedom System" Pricing as of 2013 (Malaysia)


What is Inglot? A cosmetic company aimed to sell products at low price but high quality.
I know, it is a nuisance for some people to try and find the price online. Especially for Malaysians.
Shish! I tried to look around for it but couldn't find a clue until I read the magazines.

But I didn't even understand the concept of that "Freedom System" stuff.
Basically what Freedom System is, you buy the palette. Then buy eye shadow, concealer, brow wax, brow powder, lip color and etc separately.

Raindbow Eyeshadow & Palette (RM36 eyeshadow & RM16 Pallette)

Let's say that the price of a palette of 5 is RM35, the eyeshadow is RM30. So you have to buy 5 of those. The total should be RM185 for the whole palette. Now that you have grasp the concept. Let's go and look at the pictures!

Powder and Single Powder Palette (RM54 powder & RM24)

Concealer, Corrector, Lip Color, Eyebrow Wax and Eyebrow Powder
(RM24 Concealer, RM24 Corrector, RM24 Lip Color, RM24 Wax, RM24 Eyebrow Powder  and RM35 Palette of 5)

If you calculate, you'll think it is expensive. More expensive compared to the Naked palette. But think about long term use. You'd only need to buy the palette once. When you finished something, you can simply change it. Plus, you'd have all the colors you really want to use. Same case with the powder. I bought this cause I know, i'll change color. Especially when the heat season comes. 

The cream concealers are RM24 and they are really creamy. I only need one swipe to cover everything. I've used it for a week, yet I didn't even make a dent.

What other brand can provide you with concealers of such cheap price and good quality?
The others range from RM55-RM100 : I'd use them up within 2.5 Months

These palettes are handy since I place alot of things in them. Travel friendly for me.
You can stack them too. 
Stacked up powder, eyeshadow and 5 Palette.

This is one of the reasons I bought the single pan compared to 4 or 5 for the shadows and powder.
The quality : AWESOME!!

Shadows are highly pigmented, soft and smooth. 
Powder gives you a creamy feel. 
The concealer last all day on me. Mind you, I had to go work outdoors sometime and it didn't slip on my oily skin.
So does the brow wax and powder.

All 3 Palette Stacked together, fits my Cupido-Make Shift Make Up Bag

Hope anyone who comes across this entry will find it useful.


Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Few Fav Apps for Iphone 4

Salam Everyone.

Currently, I am using the IPhone4. I heard that IPhone4s eats up it's batteries like mad. I quote, heard from youtubers.
As you all might have known by now, I am an IPhone Skin, Strap and EarCap otherwise Pluggie junkie. (Have to stop spending on IPhone Skins).

                   Pluggies, Cable Wrap, External Keypad, Coin 4 and Stitch Iphone Casing

You can obtain really cheap ones when you go to downtown or Sg Buloh's Uptown or BookStores like Popular.

More IPhone4 Casing made from different Materials

Since I was attached in Sony once, so I became obsess with various different types of plastic material. Even Aluminum for Iphone 4. Some of the materials would make your IPhone4 abit warm while charging.

So enough talk about the skins. Let's talk about apps. Why else would we buy Smart Phones, right?
So here are some of my personal Favourites.

Stay Connected with friends with :

1. Whatsap - Free messages, chat
2. Viber - free calls
3. Skype - One of my bestfriends are always not in town, so had to use Skype

Social Networking :

1. Foursquare - Tells you where you are, check in four points
2. Twitter - Some quotes from other users makes me laugh
3. Facebook - mainly use for chat and to share videos
4. Bump - Share pictures and songs with other IPhone Users only

FourSquare App

Misc Apps :

1. Emoji - got to have, emoticons on your keypad
2. Convert Units - commonly used for calculation
3. Angle free - to check the flatness of a material
4. Translate - to translate english to other languages
5. Touch Icon - to create short cuts for calls @ your home page
6. my hotline - Malaysia's yellow pages for all important offices, fire dept, police dept, etc

Use the Touch Icon to Create Icon ShortCuts (That's my Bro sleeping in the car)
When you press his Icon , it automatically calls him.

My Hotline - Malaysia's Workshops

Music : 

1. Shazam - Get connected with your friends and find out about the latest music
2. EQu - An Easy to use Equalizer (Really really love this app)

EQu - Equalizer, this is the setting I arranged using EQu made for the song I selected. Btw, the background color and elements can be changed. I just LIKE the white background

Maps :

1. Waze - a free GPS, it can connect to your FourSquare and find places
2. Map my fitness : it maps out where I've jogged and how long
3. Shell Motorist : I prefer to use shell, so this app shows you where the nearest shell station is. Useful if the town you are in isnt't a familiar town.

Waze - Free GPS

Religion Related :

1. Waktu Solat : tells you the solat time
2. Qibla : Place it flat on the ground to find your Qibla

Photos :

1. Instagram : Post pictures to instagram and show to your friends. 
2. Instaframe : Select more frame options for Instagram
3. Picfx : Alot of preset options to edit your picture
4. Pudding cam : Alot of camera options. It can capture with many different film setting
5. Cartoonatic : Cartoonize your picture
6. IquickDof : used to focus your pictures to certain objects
7. Eyeeffect : I particularly like the water color, and pencil color setting
8. Color effects : Can remove colors of objects in your picture
9. Pic collage : create collages
10. Pic Stitch : Almost the same as Instaframe but with other frame coordination

Pudding Camera - Select your film and camera

Games :

1. Sudoku by Moonrabbit : I never knew the meaning when they gauge your performance
2. Plumber : Rearrange pipes, Solve the puzzles
3. Dawn of Magic : Strategy game, turn base
4. Chocolate : Collect money by making chocolates to pay taxes (Somewhat and adventure)
"I am hooked"
5. Sushi Go Round : Add up ingredients in accordance to the recipe book to satisfy your customer
6. Gelato Mania : @1st it is not challenging. But after some time, you'll find it really challenging. Recreate ice cream with the same characteristic as shown.
7. Asphalt7 : Racing game, almost like need for speed. I repeat almost. 
"I am hooked"
8. Infinity Blade : Kill as many opponents as possible by dodging, parry and strike.
9. Metal Storm : Flight war (very difficult)

Asphalt 7 - A level where I had to use the Camaro and not my own car.

Infinity Blade - The Big Boss

Plumber - Level 33, I have completed all 160 levels! Woohoo!

Highlighted games are my favorite.

Hope you find this useful in trying to find your fav apps. I had to go through a lot of youtube and lists to finally be able to grab what I like.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Reviews Bio Essence and Etude House's Stuff

Some things I am currently loving.

Bio Essence Tanaka White

They sold the starter kit for RM19.90 at Guardian Malaysia.
Didn't make my face much fairer. But it certainly did help my Acne problems.
I have been facing acne problems since 2 months ago. Due to moving in to Bangi area.
The "Acne Clearing Gel" Works fine too.

Tanaka White Trial Set

I got alot of pimples. 
A Month ago

A Week ago (30/06/2012)

Seriously, it has improved quite a bit. Nothing works immediately, right? Slow and steady wins the pace.

My mom bought a BB cream which she can't use. So she gave it to me. 

Bio-Essence Bio Platinum BB Cream Multi-Effects.

Hey! It helped my skin. Although it didn't leave my skin moisturized until the evening. Since I live in Malaysia, it is humid, hot and sunny. Sometimes it rains too. 
But, I love this either way. I have combination skin.
It matches my skin tone but leaves a gray cast. I am quite tan.
I'll give it a : 3.5/5 

Next we have Etude House's 
Nymph Aura Volumer and Precious Mineral BB Bright fit.

What the heck is Nymph Aura?
Well, it functions as a highlighter. You'd have to mix your BB cream with this. It provides you with moisture. 
The mixture of these 2 works well. It makes my skin has the dewy finish. It keeps your skin moisturized and last the whole 12 working hours.
I'll give it a : 4/5

Nice job Etude HOUSE!!

One thing though, please don't forget to remove your BB creams with make up remover. If not , it will break you out. 

I have been using these 2 compared to SKIN 79 HOT PINK and VIP.
Those 2 gives me white heads. But they are really good and clearing your blemishes.
Been loving BB creams over foundations. It helps.

Use clean water to clean your face.

Do think back guys... "Nymph Aura" will be quite a good gift for you Spouses.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Make UP


I guess you haven't heard from me.
Hahahaha... Ever since the huge... YOU KNOW! SCANDAL!

Have you guys ever wondered why I like make up?
I love painting and sketching.. and ofcourse, make up to me is the art of painting ones face.

Overdoing it, will make you look like a clown same as an overdone painting.
But doing it just right, could make you look a tad bit healthier.